INIT Capital is a non-custodial decentralized lending protocol that caters to DeFi users – including lenders, borrowers, and liquidators – and protocols through 'Liquidity Hooks'.

Key Concepts

The following contains the key concepts to understand how INIT works:

Multi-silo Position

Users can create many siloed and isolated positions on INIT by using only a single account, unlike other major lending protocols that use account-based position that only allows one cross-margin position per account.

Each position contains information on its ID, mode, collaterals, borrows, rewards, and their corresponding amounts.


Each position has its corresponding mode. Each mode has different allowed collateral and borrow tokens, token collateral and borrow factors, and debt ceilings.

Liquidity Hook

Liquidity Hook allows integrated protocols to utilize INIT's liquidity and make external contract calls to perform arbitrary liquidity strategies. During the process, the interacted positions' healths are bypassed and finally checked to be healthy at the end of the process.

LP as collateral (Coming Soon)

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